Democracy and Human Rights

1. Democracy
Government that is democratic, transparent and accountable is a requirement of the public at large. At the most minimal level, democracy requires free and fair elections. Thus, democracy allows citizens to choose a leader who is considered most worthy to represent himself. But in reality, the electoral system (Election) and the elections to the regional (elections) that exists today does not necessarily ensure democracy. System and local elections that exist today do not also necessarily reduce the chances of the structure and practices of authoritarian government. In fact, fair competition in national and local elections, inclusive political participation and the protection of civil liberties (civil liberties) is also a prerequisite to ensure democracy can walk.
From the aspect of governance, decentralization policy has given autonomy to the local government authority that allows local control over policies and resources greater. The challenge for local government is no longer insufficient funds, but how the funds are utilized so effectively. Democracy program then seeks to encourage the improvement of the quality of Elections and local elections as well as ensuring that the existing election and local elections conducted freely and fairly, which then produces a government that is transparent and accountable.

2. Legal Reform

With the legal reforms, the Independent SCAD will support improved institutional capacity of law in the courts and at the level of key institutions that become partners of the government. Oversee the process of making laws in Aceh and district government levels. Cooperating with relevant institutions, SCAD Independent will try to improve the ease of obtaining justice for the poor and marginalized. Independent SCAD will also continue to support the institutions that aim to enforce the law.

3. Human Rights
The consolidation of democracy requires strong institutions that function synergistically with the pillars of democracy. Relying on the general election and the election alone is not enough to produce a democratic political system, because true democracy requires a real appreciation for the civil rights, recognition of the principles of equality and diversity, particularly for minority groups. Founder of Indonesia has recognized the importance of diversity and ensure that accommodation in Pancasila and the motto of Unity in Diversity.

4. Corruption

This partnership provides a strategic framework for anti-corruption efforts in Indonesia in general and specifically Aceh, which aims to help promote a sustainable anti-corruption stance.

5. Gender Equality
The Government of Aceh in particular and Indonesia in general has a strong commitment to promote gender equality and women's empowerment. However, progress has not been so real and difficult challenges still to be faced. For example, the level of gender inequality of women are not adequately represented in positions of leadership through direct election and management positions in the public service. The challenge is to find ways that are practical and effective way to reduce inequality and ensure women and men benefit equally from development.
Gender equality will be one of the priority agenda SCAD Independent. In the government achieve its MDG target, will strengthen the programs already running and promoting gender equality, in accordance with the conditions in Indonesia and in line with the priorities of the Government of Aceh.
Commitment to promote gender equality requires a good understanding of gender issues in society, as well as policies and laws in force in the State of Indonesia and in Aceh in particular. So, SCAD Independent provide advisory and special teams that examine and analyze gender issues, which are also responsible for gender issues, and will identify the needs and contributions should be linked to notions of gender.

6. Civil Society
SCAD_Independent will actively build relationships with community groups and individuals in Aceh in order to increase public participation in the democratic process and a desire for reform. In Aceh, a number of non-governmental organizations play an important role in shaping public discourse and help the reform of the government of Aceh and District/ City. Recognizing the important role of Islamic organizations in the development of Aceh, SCAD_Independent will strengthen existing partnerships and create closer ties with organizations that honor the diversity of Islam, as contained in the Law on Governing Aceh and listed in the MoU Helsinki.

7. Harmonization Between Donor and Human Resources
These centers on a series of programs in various sectors, especially in the sectors of Democracy, Law and Human Rights, Gender Equality, Education and Human Resources, Religion, Social, and Cultural Rights, and decentralization. Donors can contribute and cooperate in the implementation of the program through a multi-donor funding or bilateral activities related to the sector in question.
SCAD_Independent will provide sufficient time and resources for the partnership program. Applying the principles of partnership in the implementation of the program, requiring cooperation at every step of the program cycle. SCAD_Independent objective to focus on the design, planning and execution of joint requires new approaches in formulating and implementing programs based on a more thorough understanding of the planning and budgeting system prevailing in Aceh.
SCAD_Independent will provide human resources in each region in order to better understand the existing systems on the Governing of Aceh. The resources of this program will improve the understanding of decentralization in Aceh atmosphere by analyzing systems (budgeting, public expenditure management, decentralization and capacity), look for the cause of inhibition of public services and economic growth, in order to enhance the ability of SCAD_Independent to support the system in a state these conditions.
SCAD_Independent will conduct research on the program will be executed and that have been implemented, which will be very important to create discourse and policy making in the Governing of Aceh, including in districts/ cities in Aceh. And this will be done by SCAD_Independent Aceh to support the Government in improving the capacity of democracy.

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