Research Results and Activities

1. Research: Non-Formal education Neglected Children in Aceh. In 2011
2. Research: Social Impact Programme Integrated Community Based Risk Reduction (ICBRR) for Earthquake & Tsunami Victims Society. In 2011
3. Research: Increasing Awareness in the Community Law Enforcement of Human Rights (HAM) Socialization Through Law and Advocacy. in 2012
4. Research: Indigenous Assembly Repositioning Aceh in Aceh Governance Post Qanun. 10 of 2008. in 2012
5. Research: Democracy in Aceh Election. in 2012
6. Research: Democracy in Indonesia Election. in 2014

Other activities:
1. International Seminar on Educational Humanism. In 2011
2. International Seminar "Democracy and Islam". In 2011
3. Workshop: the Role of Women in Development Gender Perspective. in 2012
4. Conference: International Conference Islam and Human Raight. in 2012 and 2013

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