Vision and Mission

Achieve SCAD Independent as a center of scientific study that values education, social and cultural rights, democracy, and human rights, as well as the realization of life in Acehnese fair, intelligent, creative, integrative, and dynamic backed by science and technology humanist and help improve the lives of the people of Acehnese in all areas democratically.

1. Attempting to build a democratic civil society, and uphold human values in accordance with the demands of change and development of the world, and the progress of civilization.
2. Strengthening the scientific basis.
3. Making the institute as a center of research and study as well as a center for scientific information science and democracy.
4. Participate in the intellectual life of the people of Acehnese through sustainable development that humanity faces.
5. Controller of democracy among the people with political actors, for the people able to utilize the space and the opportunity to continue to control every process of making public policy that impacts directly or indirectly on the lives of the people of Acehnese.

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