Research, Survey, Assessment

SCAD Independent provide survey services and research for various groups with an interest in public opinion, especially as related to political contestation as national and local elections and public policy-making is responsive to the aspirations of society. Data from the survey will help evaluate and improve the performance of public officials, politicians, political parties, government agencies and institutions of socio-civic.
Type Survey, Research and Assessment Undertaken: SCAD_Independent there are two (2) types: 1) Survey and Public Research (non-commercial) were carried out at the request of public institutions, both domestic and international, and to be published. This survey was conducted nationwide and routinely every 3 (three) months. 2) Commercial survey conducted at the request of individuals, groups or other private institutions. The survey results and this research entirely to the client and are not published unless the client concerned so desire. SCAD_Independent also provide "leave questions" that are tailored to the needs of the client wants. This is a practical way to obtain survey data and national and local research at lower costs.
SCAD_Independent work on the basis of academic principles and relevant statistical analysis, and rely on a code of conduct surveys of public opinion: the International Association of Public Opinion Research (IAPOR). Board of supervisors, experts / researchers SCAD_Independent regularly and intensively control and evaluate the methodology and the results of surveys and research carried out in detail, in accordance with the principles of academic and scientific.
Academic Advisory SCAD_Independent supported by experts and researchers are credible, experienced and has a reputation in the study of Indonesia. Quality surveys and research conducted by academic and ethical maintained by the Academic Advisory Council which has the academic reputation internationally.
SCAD_Independent also focuses on the behavior of voters in national elections (legislative and presidential) or regional (elections). Public evaluation on the performance of the executive, legislature, and judiciary at national and regional levels. Evaluation of the performance of political parties, interest groups, community organizations or civil society. Public preference over public policies of national and local public evaluation of the relationship between states and international problems.

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